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Conducting a Survey for a Personal Project -Update-
« on: February 03, 2011, 03:41:11 pm »
I've decided to conduct a survey for one of my projects.

I've been pondering on making my own Role Playing Game, and I'd like to know people's opinions on what they'd prefer.

So I've devised a list of 50 questions with 2 possible answers that people can choose from, and each option is seperated by a Capitalized: "OR".

The survey is as follows:

   Which would you prefer:
1. An entire Worldmap to explore OR a series of semi-linear interlocking maps that connect the games "World" together.
2. An overall small playable cast of 4~8 characters OR a large playable cast of as many as 12~30 characters.
3. Each playable character has many abilities, unique to that character alone OR abilities that all characters can use, and have at some point in the game.
4. Abilities can range wildly in types and have many different uses, such as HP scanning attacks and stealing attacks OR very generalized attacks for only damage dealing and healing.
5. Battles are shown with either enemies looking directly at the player, with the characters showing their backs OR the enemies and playable characters face eachother from a side-view.
6. Characters build up "ActiveTimeBattle" Gauges, and can act when the gauge fills OR the player sets all their character's commands at the beginning of a turn and then watch the entire turn playout.
7. The player can freely customize just about every aspect of gameplay from character's weapons, armor, accessories, character order / row, and which characters are in the player party OR the player only has control over what their characters can have equipped (i.e. weapons and armor).
8. The Player is allowed to select each character's job, which will dictate their equipment, stat increases and abilities OR the playable characters are all unique from start and learn their own seperate skills at their own rates.
9. Playable Dungeons are short and straitforward, but filled with challenging trials OR the dungeosn are long and mazelike, but are filled with weak encounters.
10. There are many different status ailments and enhancements that the player has access to, to allow more variety during battles OR there are only a few, basic status ailments and enhancements (such as Poison, Blind, Silence, and Haste).
11. Equipment is highly varied with lots of interesting weapon types, each with their own bonusses and weaknesses OR there are only basic weapon types that do not vary greatly beyond their attack strength.
12. Each character has their own unique equipment set that only they can use OR Every playable character can equip everything, regardless if it will benefit their playstyle or not.
13. Elemental attributes can be applied to weapon types, types of enemies, and magical elements OR Elements are only applied to magic types (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, etc.).
14. Monsters will only appear in groups as large as 3~4 individuals per battle OR monsters can appear in groups as large a 6~8 individuals per battle.
15. Monsters can range in numerous types, with as many as over 100~200 different types OR there are a set amount of monsters, with only as many as 50 unique enemy types.
16. The different monsters that appear in the game each look and appear different from eachother OR aside from the basic enemies, all other enemies are merely palette swaps of previously occuring enemies.
17. A single playthrough for the game should last as short as 20 hours at maximum OR a single playthrough should last for 40 hours or longer.
18. Gameplay should be very linear, with only one main direction to follow in order to continue the story OR Gameplay should be lax, and should give the player multiple paths to take to get to any location relevant to the story.
19. Characters have real-world jobs that utilize real-world skills for their ability sets and stat growth OR jobs CAN be realistic, but there can also be jobs that utilize sorcery and science fiction.
20. The player can control only 3 characters at a time in a single player party OR the player can control up to 4 characters in a single player party.
21. When in battle, monsters can appear on any part of the screen (as long as their placement is applicable) OR monsters are always formed in rows of 2, in as many as 4 columns.
22. Playable characters each have their own goals to achieve, and have their own "demons" to face before the game's conclusion OR all characters share the same central goal, and work together simply for that one, single goal.
23. There are just about as many central villains as there are playable characters, and each one is the "rival" of one of the respective heroes OR there is only one, single villain, that the heroes much overcome to win the game.
24. Villains in the game are mysterious, and their goals aren't explained beyond some initial desire OR each villain is unique, and their goals are explained thoroughly as well as their motives for trying to carry out, said goal.
25. There are only a few battle themes present, i.e. A Normal battle theme, a Boss battle theme, and the Final Boss battle theme OR there are many different battle themes, regarless of the nature of the battle.
26. After battle, a screen is displayed that shows each character's stats after battle, as well as which items and equipment are acquired OR the game screen remians overlooking the battle, withe the playable characters cheering, and small textboxes display what each character has earned.
27. In-game locations can have lots of variety OR in-game locations are very basic with only Grasslands, Mountains, Forests, Deserts, and other such common locales being traversed by the player.
28. Every town or village in the game has something unique that will make the player want to visit said location frequently OR Only Key-points in the story should garner the players attention, and all other villages and towns only feature basic elements (inns, shops, and NPCs).
29. When building levels, characters gain stat boosts in all areas of growth (besides HP and MP) OR characters have fixed stats at the beginning of the game, and do not increase their stats naturally, though late in the game, the player will have access to status-boosting items and accessories.
30. The player will encounter monsters randomly while traversing the in-game maps OR monsters appear on the map, and the player has freedom to avoid monster encounters at their leisure.
31. After battle, enemies can leave behind all manner of things from items, to weapons, armor, accessories, and EXP OR Enemies only leave EXP when defeated, and rarely leave behind items.
32. Money is dropped by any and all enemies after battle OR Only a few enemies leave behind money, and the rest leave behind items with no use beyond being items to sell for profit.
33. Monsters all conform to basic sizes, with pre-determined sprite sizes, such as 32x32 pixels, 48x48 pixels, and so on OR monsters can vary wildly in size and do not conform to any one size set.
34. In-game maps should be large with plenty to explore on each map OR in-game maps are small, and strait-forward (eacy to navigate).
35. Items for battle and menu purposes are generalized for only HP/MP restoration and status removal OR items have varied effects and can range from healing items to items that mimic character's abilities in effects.
36. Each playable character has their own unique "Ultimate" weapon, that only they can equip, and there is only 1 of each of those weapons available to the player OR there ARE "Ultimate" weapons, but any character can equip them, and there are more than 1 of each of those weapons available to the player.
37. Items that are stolen from enemies can range from usable items, to weapons, armor, accessories, and even money OR stolen items from enemies are only used for selling to gain additional profit.
38. Transportation, such as cabs or airships, are represented by seperate maps, where the player can easily select their next destination and go there immediately OR transportation is a physical object that the player can manually maneuver across maps until they get to their desired location.
39. Shops are isolated to only appearing in towns and nearby non-hostile locations OR shops are represented by travelling merchants that "Follow" the player around to key locations.
40. Players may only save their game at Save Points and on the World Map (in non-hostile locations) OR the Player may save whenever they like, except inside battles and during story-based events.
41. Attack, status, and other types of animations are all unique to themselves and do not share the same animation pieces OR Animations may use the same animation "sheets," but can be arranged and animated slightly differently for different spells and attacks.
42. All playable characters have their own unique animations for basic battle actions OR all playable characters conform to a set style of animations, with only slight asthetic differences throughout.
43. Monsters do not have animations and are "still" and motionless inside battle, aside from "flashing" when attacking OR Monsters have full sets of animations for each skill and attack they possess, and will run towards characters that they are attacking.
44. Battles feature fully-colored backgrounds that may feature animations in the background OR Battles only display a distorted view of the map that the player is currently on behind the battle taking place.
45. Monsters dissolve when defeated and do not leave behind "bodies" that display during an on-going battle OR monsters leave behind bodies that remain onscreen until the battle is over.
46. Treasure chests will always have unique items inside them that the player cannot obtain anywhere else OR treasure chests may contain regular items that may be useful for that point in the game, or that may be obtained at shops at a further point in the game.
47. Success rate of spells and attacks is not always guaranteed at 100% (such as an 85% hit rate instead for slight realism) OR spells and abilities always have a 100% success rate, that is only affected by status ailments or a target's resistance.
48. Spells always have a set power that can be increased by a character's stat, depending upon what type of spell it is OR a spell's power is determined solely by the caster's strength and will otherwise do extremely low damage when not used by a proficient character.
49. There is only a single form of any 1 spell or attack OR there are multiple "Tiers" of any given spell with higher tiers dealing more damage or have higher success rates than lower tiers.
50. All characters will have the same amount of abilities, regardless of how useful each ability is OR Characters may have vastly different amounts of abilities, but those with less, will have more generalized abilities that can apply to more situations.

To reply to the survey, simply list numbers from 1 to 50 and state which option you like better for each question: Option A or Option B.

An Example:

Which do you prefer:
0. Apple OR Oranges

To answer, simply state:
0. B

You are also free to simply copy and paste the entire survey in your reply, with the option from each question that you don't like, removed from your reply:

An Example:

Which do you prefer:
0. Apples OR Oranges

To answer, simply repost:
0. Oranges

If you have any questions regrading any of the questions on the list, I'd be more than happy to provide examples or explainations in regards to your questions.

Big thanks to all who participate.

For those of you that are still interested in taking the survey or a currently taking it, I've set a deadline for February 28th. After that date, I will no long accept any surveys, so if you have completed any part of the survey, and you don't think that you'll be able to make the deadline, please turn in whatever results you have. Any results are better for me than no results. Thank you again, for all who participate.
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Re: Conducting a Survey for a Personal Project
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2011, 05:32:02 pm »
Based on the first 20 questions I take it you are going for something JRPG:ish?

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Re: Conducting a Survey for a Personal Project
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2011, 06:04:53 pm »
Yeah, good ol' sprite-based goodness.

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Re: Conducting a Survey for a Personal Project
« Reply #3 on: February 10, 2011, 06:37:03 pm »
01:A 02:A 03:A 04:A 05:B 06:B 07:B 08:B 09:B 10:A 11:A 12:B 13:A 14:B 15:B 16:B 17:B 18:B 19:B 20:B 21:A 22:A 23:A 24:B 25:A 26:A 27:A 28:A 29:A 30:B 31:B 32:B 33:B 34:A 35:B 36:A 37:A 38:B 39:A 40:A 41:A 42:A 43:A 44:B 45:A 46:B 47:A 48:B 49:B 50:B

Here you go hopr it helps.

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Re: Conducting a Survey for a Personal Project
« Reply #4 on: February 10, 2011, 07:07:08 pm »
Oh, much obliged! ;D

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Re: Conducting a Survey for a Personal Project
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