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Traversable: Any    Frequency: Common    Cover: None   
    The most common form of ground on Arrakis, sand can be crossed by any unit and provides no cover benefit. Wheeled units often move at their fastest over open sand.


Traversable: Any    Frequency: Uncommon    Cover: 33%   
    Dunes are found everywhere on the desert planet.  They slow down vehicle movement but have little effect on foot travel compared to open sand.  They are still dangerous because of Worm attacks but do provide a defensive bonus against incoming fire.

Treacherous Dunes

Traversable: None    Frequency: Rare    Cover: None   
    Treacherous Dunes have sinkholes and valleys throughout and would be suicidal to enter for any land-based unit.  Otherwise they do not impede line of sight or weapons fire.


Traversable: Any    Frequency: Uncommon    Cover: None   
    Rock is both a location to construct upon, and respite from the ubiquitous Worms.  Tracked vehicles often traverse rock most quickly.


Traversable: Any    Frequency: Manmade    Cover: None   
    Slabs are placed on Rock as a foundation for erecting buildings.  Constructing on slabs will prevent a great deal of later repairs due to erosion from the harsh weather.  Most types of units move at full speed over slabs.


Traversable: Foot only    Frequency: Rare    Cover: 66%   
    Crags are rare formations of mountainous rock.  They are too uneven for construction and impassible for any terrestrial vehicle.  It is the supreme domain of the foot unit, taking much time to cross but providing range and defensive bonuses, and concealing them outside of combat.  Crags occur in both Sand and Rock and if dense enough will stop ballistic projectiles.


Traversable: Any    Frequency: Uncommon to Rare    Cover: None   
    This substance is the ultimate reason any of the Great Houses are on Arrakis.  It can only be collected by Harvesters and processed at Refineries.  It then becomes Credits, which are the currency used to purchase units, buildings and upgrades.  Otherwise, it behaves like the terrain it lays upon.
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