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« on: September 14, 2009, 12:49:05 am »

Before posting anything in this forum, please follow these rules:

1.  READ THE FAQ AND MANUAL.  I didn't fill it with pages of info for nothing.
2.  MAKE SURE IT'S NOT A FEATURE.  This project is still in development so don't report something as a bug unless it doesn't work the way it has been claimed to work.  Suggestions or opinions posted here may be deleted or moved harshly.
3.  CHECK THE KNOWN BUGS.  Review the "Known Bugs" sticky topic to make sure your issue is not already confirmed, and search previous bug posts to make sure it hasn't been reported already.
4.  ONE TOPIC PER BUG.  No lists!
5.  NAME THE TOPIC WITH VERSION AND HIGH DETAIL.  "Game Crash" doesn't help anyone find previously reported bugs.  Be very detailed in the topic name, and make sure to include the word "Linux" in the subject if it is for that version.  Example: "1.69 - Total game crash when AI Sonic Tanks fire"
6.  DUPLICATE IT.  Please help the scientific process of bug hunting and try to recreate the circumstances that caused the error at least once.

Following these rules helps me keep track of the current bugs, and also helps other members search for existing information.
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