Deicide is a two-player-only game based on the common philosophical and mythical notions of most modern religions with nearly all denominational content removed.  It is suitable to play over the internet and has been proven to be relatively stable.  It was not necessarily made to be "user-friendly" however, so it may take a little work to get a game started and get acquainted with the controls.  Please read the information after the screenshots below (which is also contained in the game manual).


Like the idea of the true Creation, the game simply "begins" when two opponents connect. Each player begins with 400 Mana, 1 Deity, 1 Archangel, 1 Angel, and 50 Agnostic Zoons. Each player uses Mana to create new Beings, cast Powers, and build Upgrades for their respective World. Each World consists of nine Realms, some of which have particular properties. The only way to replenish Mana is through the prayers of Faithful Zoons, who are converted from Agnostic Zoons by various means. The Deity can only hear so many prayers at a time, so Mana generation is limited to a value lesser than the possible number of Faithful Zoons.
There is a menu system on the right of the screen, which is basic and self-explanatory. To the lower right is an information area with a small buffer that contains recent informational announcements. In the center of the screen is the main view window, where the player may view the two Worlds in battle. There is a cluster of five white Mana stars circling a point in this window; This is the location of the Deity's influence and is used to select Archangels to receive His Orders. This "Mana Cursor" follows the player's mouse movement in three dimensions across the entirety of the two Worlds.
When the Deity is building up Mana from His reserves to manifest a Power, Being, or Upgrade, this Mana will begin collecting above the Deity in a circular pattern. The more Mana needed to finish the action, the brighter and smoother this circle of Mana will become; This is the only direct information each player has about the other's choice of actions. After the buildup is complete, the player may be prompted to choose a target Realm by pressing a key, or he may need to select one of his Archangels, but most manifestations complete themselves and take immediate effect.
The objective of the game is to destroy the enemy Deity.

Right Mouse Drag/Arrow keys: Scroll view
PageUp and PageDown: Adjust pitch of view
W: Open Wings Menu
P: Open Powers Menu
U: Open Upgrades Menu
There are also various other keys for submenus, listed with their names when the mouse cursor passes over.

There are nine "realms" to each of the two "worlds" encompassing all of a Deity's territory. Zoons, though unaware of these Realms, are greatly affected by their divisions. The Realms represent progression through stages of life for Zoons, who are born at the lowest of the Upper Realms, Realm 4, and may only be converted into Faithful when reaching the furthest level of their World, the Ninth Realm.
The First Realm of any World is the Deity's Realm, and is impassible to all of his other Beings, but not to the enemy. The Second Realm is the home of the Archangels, and none of its Angels or Zoons may enter this Realm. The Third Realm is the Angel's Realm and friendly Zoons may not enter it. Enemy Beings are given special protection by the Mana from their Orders and may enter these Realms during their attack on another World. Furthermore, they are not as tuned to the light of Beings in the other World as they are in their own, so while crossing into the Lower Realms of their own World might overpower and destroy them, their only concern in enemy Realms is enemy Beings.

There is a great Barrier between the two Worlds, touching on the ends of the Ninth Realm of both Deities. Only Higher Beings may cross this Barrier, and only when a Coming is called for a limited duration. There are few exceptions to this rule.

Zoons (Lower Being)
Agnostics and Faithful are part of a class of lower-level Beings called Zoons. Agnostics are born in a very weak state, and so cannot accept the vision of their Deity. Thus they live a chaotic life and cannot contribute anything to their World. When an Agnostic finds Faith, whether on his own by reaching the Ninth Realm in life, or being instilled with Faith by the casting of a Deity's Power, it will begin contributing Mana to its Deity, and will move through life with renewed vigor. The Faithful are arguably the most valuable asset to a Deity's World, and should be protected accordingly, especially considered their ability to defend themselves is only equal to that of Agnostics. Zoons are the weakest Being in combat and may only defend themselves; They are heavily unfavored against Angels and nearly impotent against Archangels. Zoons may never actively cross the World Barrier. Zoons reproduce at a certain rate depending on the Realm they inhabit, which can be affected by certain Powers. Newly born Zoons are always Agnostic and always begin life in the Fourth Realm. Faithful, as a result of their additional duties of devotion, only reproduce at half the normal rate.
Angels (Higher Being)
Among the Higher Beings of the Worlds are Angels, more powerful than Zoons and capable of combat in the enemy's World, but spiritually blind. They, like all higher Beings, cannot contribute Faith, but also cannot survive without the light of an Archangel to guide them. When created, their tether to the World is a loose one, and they will follow the nearest Archangel wherever it may travel. They will act as the Archangel's personal bodyguard, defending it against all enemies within a certain distance. Should their World suddenly be without a single Archangel, their only guide in the light will be their Deity, and they will be destroyed by His power when looking upon Him directly.
Archangel (Higher Being)
If the Angels are the warriors of their Deity, then the Archangels are His generals. The Archangel is the only Being strong enough to receive Orders from the Deity without being annihilated, and is thus the only Being the Deity has any active control over. It is the leader of Angels and is very powerful in combat. Its strength may vary according to certain Deity Powers and its Orders under the circumstances. However, an Archangel is not invulnerable, and should be used with caution, since they require huge amounts of Mana to create.
Deity (Supreme Being)
The Deity is the God of His World and all of the other Beings. His strength is directly tied in to His Mana reserves, which are normally replenished by the prayers of His Faithful. From this pool He draws the ability to cast Powers, which affect Realms in varying ways and bring Beings into life. He may also use Mana to give Orders to His Archangels, which will dictate the limits and tendencies of their actions. When attacked, the Deity will suffer a reduction in His Mana reserves instead of being killed. Should the Deity ever suffer any damage that brings his level of Mana to less than zero, He and all in His world will be destroyed.

The default Order for Archangels. When on Defend, an Archangel will wander about its own World, and will automatically pursue and attack any enemy Being that enters any part of it.
Under these orders the Archangel will move to its Ninth Realm. Once there, it will attack any enemy in that Realm only, and will not leave the Realm. Protect should be used when Faithful are threatened.
The Archangel will move down to the Second Realm, and will quickly attack any enemy who enters the Lower Realms (2 and 3). Use Guard when your Deity may come under heavy attack.
Under Attack Orders an Archangel will move into the enemy World (provided a Coming is active) and attack any and all enemy Beings. The oldest and weakest will be first preyed upon.
When enemy Faithful numbers climb too high, it is time for Justice. Under this Order the Archangel will move into the enemy Ninth Realm as soon as possible and attack all Zoons there. If an enemy Archangel enters this Realm, the first Archangel will adopt Retreat Orders and attempt to return to his World.
Issuing Deicide Orders to an Archangel causes it to move at full speed directly in the direction of the enemy Supreme Being. Its focus is only on the enemy Deity, and so it receives a large bonus to its Strength when confronting Him, but also suffers large penalties when attacked by other defending Beings.
A retreating Archangel will move at high speed toward his own World and will enter it as soon as possible, after which it will revert to Defend Orders.

The Coming is one of the most important Powers a Deity may call on. It creates a portal between the two Worlds for Beings to pass through. It lasts a limited amount of time.
Good Omen
A Good Omen is cast upon a single Realm in the Deity's own World. For a limited duration from that time, the rate of reproduction for all Zoons in that Realm is increased.
Evil Omen
The main offensive Power of a Deity, the Evil Omen will immediately kill approximately 20% of all Agnostics and 10% of all Faithful Zoons in a targeted enemy Realm.
Once per game, a Deity may create a lower Being infused with some of His power, the Chosen One. This Being will slowly attempt to convert all friendly Agnostics to Faithful, but there is a very slight chance that any Agnostic the Chosen meets may reject faith so strongly that the Chosen one is killed. In all other respects the Chosen one appears and behaves as a Faithful Zoon, and is protected from exposure to the enemy by His Deity's power.
By attempting to block the light of an enemy Deity, there is a small chance (10%) that each enemy Archangel will defect to the caster's World and come under His control.
By destroying iconoclastic images and interfering with good fortune, a Deity will cause some enemy Faithful (50% in the targeted Realm) to revert back into Agnostics.
Through offers of power and "greener pastures," a Deity may convince about 13% of the Agnostics in a targeted enemy Realm to proclaim allegiance to his world. They will attempt to reach their new World safely, but of course may not cross the Barrier without a Coming having been casted.
A Deity may imbue one of his Archangels with additional power by granting him the Voice; Such an Archangel will even become powerful enough to individually attack the enemy Deity with some chance of success. The power of the Voice dissipates over a short time.
In times of emergency, a Deity may cull his Agnostics for their intrinsic power reserves; Approximately 40% of all friendly Agnostics will be killed, and the Deity will immediately receive 5 Mana for each.
The ultimate Power, Armageddon permanently breaks the Barrier between the two worlds, and all Beings will let fly at each other in a cataclysmic final conflict. Use this Power to end the game when you are very confident that your population and Mana reserves are much higher than the enemy's.

After instituting the practice of Baptism, all newly born Zoons are protected from Demystify and Pacts. These Powers are only half as effective as normal.
Under Theocracy, all Agnostics have a small percentage chance to be converted into Faithful, no matter what Realm they reside in. Exclusive with Democracy.
Under Democracy, all Realms have a modal percentage added to their reproduction rates. Exclusive with Theocracy.
Creates a slight chance for any enemy Being crossing into the Deity's World to be destroyed. Exclusive with Bridge.
Creates a persistent Coming between the two Worlds with no time limit, through which only the casting Deity's Beings may pass. Exclusive with Gates.
Reduces the effectiveness by half of all enemy Evil Omens.
Doubles the Strength of all Faithful in the caster's World.
Increases the Strength of all Angels and Archangels by 15%, and halves the effectiveness of the enemy's Heresy Power.
Deity may cancel the enemy Deity's current casting process for half the cost of Mana that has already been spent. The Mana returns to the caster, but the enemy's time is lost.
All friendly Angels and Archangels become invisible to the enemy Deity. His Archangels will still seek out enemies as normal if they operate on the correct Orders.