Version 1.03 (Windows)

Version 1.03 (Linux)


Wiseminder is software I wrote to help manage a knowledge base of my own information quickly and easily, while also giving me some options to test myself against that knowledge.  Here's who it's for:


From Kindergarten to Graduate school, any student of any discipline will find value in WiseMinder. Use it to:

Study for various tests, organizing questions by Subject
Test yourself at any time, or schedule random tests to keep your knowledge fresh
Print out worksheets of questions and answers for future reference
Take and organize notes during class
Share and compare knowledge with other students



Most teachers today need to maintain their students' “Prior Knowledge” by giving them questions each day, based on material previously learned. Use WiseMinder to:

Keep and immediately access a database of Prior Knowledge questions
Track student performance and information
Organize questions by grade and class using Subject headings
Test students directly by printing out quizzes and assignments



Any employee working with a computer can use WiseMinder to:

Learn a new job, by creating and relying on a growing database of information
Increase your value to the company by improving productivity
Make your life easier by reducing paperwork and record-keeping
Have a typed and transferable record of your knowledge and performance of duties



By acquiring WiseMinder for your employees, you can ensure that:

Their productivity will improve by having quick and easy access to previous issues and resolutions (in some businesses, such as call support centers, WiseMinder can even take the place of other software as a workstation's primary tool of operations).
You will increase their accountability by requiring them to store relevant information
Your employee's knowledge will be passed on to their successors
You can audit their Prior Knowledge database to track usage and performance


Anyone else can use WiseMinder...

As a diary (non-private!) or a daily log of events
To learn any new subject of interest
To track diets or daily routines
To brush up on old knowledge
To pass your knowledge on to children and others
For other things not even imagined